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What is the PTE Exam?

The PTE exam is one of the most trusted English language exams for aspirants who want to study or work abroad.

The objective of the PTE exam is to prove whether a student has the potential to migrate to another country or study in another country where English is the primary mode of communication.

This exam does not have an age criterion and can be taken by any non-native speaker irrespective of their qualification or age.
... Applicants below 16 years of age need to get a signature for parental consent from their parent or local guardian at the time of registration.

There is no limit on the number of times a student or aspirant can take this exam.

The exams just need to be taken with a gap of 5 days.

Best PTE Coaching Centre in Chennai

Why Choose Our PTE Coaching?

Personalized Attention We understand the uniqueness of each learner. Our small class sizes enable personalized attention, allowing instructors to identify individual strengths and areas for improvement. Your success is our priority.
Result-Driven Strategies Armed with insights into the latest PTE trends, our faculty crafts strategies that resonate with the exam pattern. We focus on instilling effective techniques, ensuring you approach the test with confidence and competence.
Continuous Evaluation Regular assessments are the cornerstone of our coaching methodology. Through mock tests and evaluations, we track your progress, providing constructive feedback to fine-tune your performance and eliminate potential pitfalls. .

About PTE

The full form of the PTE exam is the Pearson Test of English. The well-known exam is conducted by the PTE group and the exam is available to take around the clock and even at the last minute.

Other Details About PTE

PTE exams are accepted by countries such as Australia, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, the USA, and the UK.
The government from the above countries relies on the scores from PTE exams as general eligibility for visa and immigration services to non-native speakers.
Students and aspirants take the exam in a secure environment on a computer.
The test measures the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of students and aspirants taking the test.
Students and others taking the test can check their scores on the official website in 48 hours.
PTE test is popular for the reason that it is the only computerized exam that tests reading, writing, listening, and speaking within two hours.
The test can be done both in computer format or text format.

Benefits of Taking PTE Exams

50 countries and 600 organizations allow immigration and study with the help of PTE scores.
It is a great opportunity for non-native English speakers to migrate overseas.
A student or aspirant who scores good marks in PTE exams is preferred by leading business schools and universities abroad.
Even great employers from around the world look at the PTE marks of the candidate and are impressed by professionals who score well in these exams.

PTE Score Required for a Working Visa

PTE skills Score Required PR Points Scored
Vocational English 36 Not eligible
Functional English 30 Not eligible
Proficient English 65 to 79 10 points
Superior English 79 20 points
Competent English 59 to 65 No points but eligible for PR

PTE Score Requirements

Score Needed For
10-29 Academic Coursework
30-42 Foundation Year Courses
43-58 Undergraduate Level Study
59-75 For Academic Education
76-84 For Australian skilled migration visas
85-90 Academic and work-related activities for all levels

English Language Proficiency & Score

Test Component Functional Vocational Competent Proficient Superior
Listening 30 36 50 65 79
Reading 30 36 50 65 79
Writing 30 36 50 65 79
Speaking 30 36 50 65 79

Important FAQ

How long are the PTE scores valid?
The scores are valid for a period of two years.

What is the format of the test?
The exam has a speaking and writing round (54 to 67 minutes)

The exam has a reading round (29 to 30 minutes)

PTE exam also a listening round for 30 to 43 minutes

Where can you take the exam?
There are 35 centres where PTE exams can be taken in India.

The candidate needs to choose a centre that is most convenient for them.
Is the Coaching Suitable for All PTE Sections?
Absolutely. The coaching is tailored to address each section of the PTE exam comprehensively,

ensuring a well-rounded preparation strategy.
How Long Does It Take to See Results?
The duration varies based on individual effort and dedication. However, with the Best PTE Coaching Centre in Chennai, learning.

you can expect noticeable improvement within a few weeks of structured
Are the Instructors Native English Speakers?
Yes, all instructors are proficient native English speakers,

ensuring an authentic learning experience and exposure to the nuances of the language.
Can I Access Study Materials Online?
Certainly. The coaching center provides online access to a rich repository of study materials,

enabling students to study at their convenience.
Is Financial Assistance Available?
The Best PTE Coaching Centre in Chennai understands the importance of education and offers .

flexible financial assistance options to make quality coaching accessible to all.
Are Evening Batches Available for Working Professionals?
Yes, the coaching center recognizes the diverse needs of students and provides

flexible evening batches to accommodate working professionals..
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