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Sr. No. Universities
1 The University of Queensland, Brisbane (CRICOS Code 00025B)
2 The Monash University, Melbourne (CRICOS Code: 00008C)
3 The University of Adelaide, South Australia (CRICOS Code 00123M)
4 The University of Newcastle, Callaghan (CRICOS Code 00109J)
5 Macquarie University, Sydney (CRICOS Code 00002J)
6 RMIT University, Melbourne. (CRICOS Code 00122A)
7 The Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. (CRICOS Code 00213J)
8 Curtin University (CRICOS Code: 00301J)
9 University of South Australia, Adelaide. (CRICOS Code 00121B)
10 Deakin University, Melbourne & Geelong. (CRICOS Code 00113B)
11 Griffith University, Gold Coast & Brisbane (CRICOS Code 00233E)
12 University of Tasmania, Hobart & Launceston. (CRICOS Code 00586B)
13 Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. (CRICOS Code 00111D)
14 Flinders University, Adelaide. (CRICOS Code 00114A)
15 Western Sydney University, Parramatta. (CRICOS Code 00917K)
Australian Catholic University, North Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide.
(CRICOS Code 00004G)
17 James Cook University, Townsville, Cairns & Brisbane. (CRICOS Code 00117J)
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. (CRICOS Code
Southern Cross University, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. (CRICOS Code
20 CQ University Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth. (CRICOS Code 00219C)
University of Southern Queensland Sydney Education Centre. (CRICOS Code NSW
22 Federation University, Melbourne & Sydney (ATMC). (CRICOS Code 000103D)
23 University of Sunshine Coast, Melbourne & Sydney (ATMC). (CRICOS Code 01595D)
24 Victoria University, Sydney Campus. (CRICOS Code 02475D)
25 Latrobe University, Sydney Campus. (CRICOS Code 00115M)
26 Le Cordon Bleu, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. (CRICOS Code 02380M)
27 TAFE International Western Australia. (CRICOS Code 00020G/01723A)
UTS Insearch, Haymarket, New South Wales (CRICOS Provider Codes: UTS Insearch
00859D, UTS 00099F)
29 LaTrobe Melbourne. (CRICOS Code 03312D)
30 Deakin College, Melbourne. (CRICOS Code 01590J)
31 Edith Cowan College. (CRICOS Code 01312J)
32 Griffith College, Gold Coast & Brisbane. (CRICOS Code 01737F)
33 Sydney Institute of Business & Technology. (CRICOS code 01576G)
34 South Australia Institute of Business & Technology, Adelaide. (CRICOS Code 02193C)
35 Curtin College, Perth. (CRICOS Code 02042G)
36 Eynesbury College, Adelaide. (CRICOS Code 00561M)
37 Newcastle International College. (CRICOS Code 03293B)
38 Western Sydney University Sydney City Campus (CRICOS Code 00917K)
39 University of Canberra College, Canberra (CRICOS Code 00212K)
40 Australian College of Applied Psychology, Sydney (CRICOS Code 01328A)
41 Australian National University College, Canberra. (CRICOS Code 01682E)
42 Monash College International Twinning Program
43 Flinders International Study Centre, Adelaide. (CRICOS Code 01682E)
44 The University of Sydney (Through Taylors College) (CRICOS Code 00026A)
The University of Western Australia, Pathway Program (Through Taylors College)
(CRICOS Code 01682E)
Melbourne Institute of Technology, Sydney & Melbourne. (CRICOS Code 01545C, 03245K
47 Australian Technical & Management College, Melbourne. (ATMC CRICOS Code 03013D)
48 SAE Institute, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth. (CRICOS Code 003121)
49 The University of Adelaide College (CRICOS Code 00123M)
50 Murdoch Institute of Technology, Perth. (CRICOS Code 03127E)
International Institute of Business & Information Technology, Sydney & Adelaide.
(CRICOS Code 01917B, 00103D)
52 ECA Graduate Institute (CRICOS Code 02997M)
53 Asia Pacific International College, Sydney & Melbourne. (CRICOS Code 03048D)
54 Strathfield College, Sydney & Melbourne. (CRICOS Code 02736K)
55 English Language School in Sydney. (CRICOS Code 02644C)
56 Sarina Russo Institute, Brisbane (CRICOS Code 00607B)
57 International College of Management Sydney. (CRICOS Code 01484M)
58 The Imperial College of Australia, Melbourne. (CRICOS Code 02858M)
59 Education Access Australia, Melbourne. (CRICOS Code 02450B)
60 Engineering Institute of Technology, Perth (CRICOS No: 03567C)
61 New England College of Technology, Brisbane & Sydney (CRICOS NO. 03113M)
62 MEGA College, Sydney (CRICOS No. 02657J)
63 Canterbury Business College, Sydney (CRICOS Code 01899K)
64 Canterbury Technical Institute, Brisbane (CRICOS Code 02938M)
65 Canterbury Language Academy, Sydney (CRICOS Code 02534J)
66 Australian Institute of Higher Education, Sydney (CRICOS Code 03147A)
67 Academies Australasia Polytechnic, Melbourne (CRICOS Code 02439G)
68 Excelsia College, Macquarie Park (CRICOS Code‐ 02664K)
69 AIT‐ Academy of Information Technology (CRICOS: 02155J)
70 Airways Aviation, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (CRICOS Code 00296A)

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