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IELTS Coaching in Jayanagar Bangalore

Looking for the best live online IELTS coaching?

Score IELTS Band 8+

ECS IELTS offers the best online IELTS coaching. Get ready to maximize your IELTS band score with the help of qualified teachers and by focused strategies through experience instructions which delivers measured improvements. IELTS Coaching in Jayanagar Bangalore

Adherence to the rule of success "HIGHER IELTS SCORE"

  • 1.Live interactive platform
  • 2.IELTS study plan
  • 3.Acquaintance with IELTS assessment criteria
  • 4.Complete description of IELTS modules
  • 5.Completely equipped mock tests
  • 6.Scrutinized feedback sessions
IELTS assessment

Customized lesson plans

Organized sessions to maximize your band score

Feedback session for score improvement

To ascertain your current performance and to improve your band score

One on One speaking test

To gain confidence and to understand the real test modules

Mock test

10 full length mock test + 25 session wise mock test (Online Platform)

Why choose ECS IELTS Online Coaching:

At ECS IELTS, you will find the best e-learning facilities. You can pursue our online courses and go to the classes from the solace of your home. If you are a full-time student, or if you work, pursue our e-Learning classes.IELTS Coaching in Jayanagar Bangalore

  • 1.Free IELTS Mock test to assess the capability level prior to beginning the online IELTS training classes.
  • 2. The best IELTS course online.
  • 3. Most recent IELTS study material and IELTS practice material on updated IELTS program
  • 4. You can select the timings from morning/evening and end of the week classes for IELTS planning.
  • 5. Taking IELTS preparation from a specialist will assist you with sharpen your English skill in a superior way. You'll likewise learn tips and deceives to break your test with a decent band.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is designed to assess English language skills across a wide range of levels. There is no pass or fail in IELTS. Results are reported as band scores on a scale from 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest). IELTS is offered up to four times a month in more than 140 countries. Tests are held on Saturdays and Thursdays. A list of all IELTS test locations worldwide is available at

  • 1. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world's most popular English language test. More than 2.5 million IELTS tests are taken each year.
  • 2. Taking IELTS opens doors - it can help you live, study, and work around the world. More than 10,000 organizations in 140 countries accept IELTS, including Immigration authorities, Employers, Universities, and Professional bodies.
  • 3. IELTS is the only English language test accepted for immigration purposes by all countries that require one.
  • 4. IELTS is managed by three international organizations – the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL).

Types of IELTS Exam

1.IELTS Academic -is for people applying for higher education or professional registration (Nurses / Doctors/) etc.

2.IELTS General - is for those migrating to Australia, Canada or to work in any English-speaking countries (Permanent Residence / Work Permit etc).

3.IELTS UKVI - is for those migrating to UK.

4.TEST FORMAT - IELTS can be taken on Paper or Computer.

IELTS Coaching in Jayanagar Bangalore

Paper-based IELTS

This test is like a traditional exam with the question papers and answer sheets for the Reading, Listening, and Writing tests in an official IELTS test centre. Test takers will write their answers in either pen or pencils. The Speaking test is carried out face-to-face with a qualified IELTS examiner.

Computer-delivered IELTS

This test can be taken in front of a computer and requires test takers to sit for the Reading, Listening, and Writing tests with the questions presented on the screen in an official IELTS test centre. The Speaking test is not on the computer and is carried out face-to-face with a qualified IELTS examiner.

IELTS Coaching in Jayanagar Bangalore

IELTS Modules

Listening: (Same for Academic and General Training)

You will listen to four recordings of native English speakers and then write your answers to a series of questions.

  • 1. Paper-Based 30 Minutes (Audio) plus 10 Minutes Transfer time.
  • 2. The Listening section consists of 40 questions and 4 parts.
  • 3. Part 1: a conversation between two people set in an everyday social context.
  • 4. Part 2: a monologue set in an everyday social context.
  • 5. Part 3: a conversation between up to four people set in an educational or training context
  • 6. Part 4: a monologue on an academic subject, e.g. a university lecture.

Reading: (Different for Academic and General Training)

Total time: 60 Minutes (Academic & General)

  • 1.It includes three sections, 40 items
  • 2.You need to read the text passages and answer questions in multiple-choice, sentence completion, summary writing, matching information, short-answers
  • 3.Each passage consists of 13-14 questions
  • 4.Reading passages and questions are different in Academic and General Training IELTS

a) Reading-IELTS Academic

1.The syllabus includes three long texts
2.Subject matter range from the descriptive and factual to the discursive and analytical.
3.The texts are authentic and are taken from books, journals, magazines, and newspapers.
4.These are selected for a non-specialist audience.

b) Reading- IELTS General Training

1.Requires candidates to read extracts from books, magazines, newspapers, notices, advertisements, company handbooks, and guidelines.
2.These are materials one is likely to encounter on a daily basis in an English speaking environment.

IELTS Coaching Center in Jayanagar Bangalore

Writing: (Different for Academic and General Training)

Academic Writing

Topics are of general interest and suitable for test takers looking for undergraduate and postgraduate studies or seeking professional registration.

  • 1.Total time: 60 Minutes (Academic)
  • 2.Task 1 - you will be presented with a graph, table, chart, or diagram and asked to describe, summarise or explain the information in your own words.
  • 3.Task 2- you will be asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument, or problem.
  • 4.Responses to both tasks must be in a formal style.

General Writing

  • 1.Total time: 60 Minutes (General)
  • 2.Task 1- you will be presented with a situation and asked to write a letter requesting information, or explaining the situation. The letter may be personal, semi-formal, or formal in style.
  • 3.Task 2- you will be asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument, or problem.

Speaking: (Same for Academic and General Training)

  • 1.Three-part one-on-one conversation
  • 2.The complete test will be recorded by the examiner for evaluation purposes and will consist of three parts that simulate a face-to-face oral interview.
  • 3.The Speaking test assesses the candidates use of spoken English; and it takes between 11 to 14 minutes to complete.
  • Part 1- the examiner will ask you general questions about yourself and a range of familiar topics, such as home, family, work, studies, and interests. This part lasts between four and five minutes.
  • Part 2- you will be given a card that asks you to talk about a particular topic. You will have one minute to prepare before speaking for up to two minutes. The examiner will then ask one or two questions on the same topic.
  • Part 3- you will be asked further questions about the topic in Part 2. These will give you the opportunity to discuss more abstract ideas and issues. This part of the test lasts between four and five minutes.

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IELTS Coaching in Jayanagar Bangalore
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1) With Kiran Mam & Nithya Mam mastery over the IELTS expectation, it is impossible for anyone not to raise their standards of IELTS. Be it reading or listening or speaking or writing, all the modules have techniques which makes Ielts just so simple. I got overall band 8 in my IELTS exam, My best wishes to ECS IELTS.

2) I can say without any hesitation that ECS IELTS is the No.1 institution in India for IELTS. I had fallen for many marketing claims of many coaching centres in and around Chennai, where all I got at the end was not good tips/techniques or high score but just mediocre classes by average teachers. ECS IELTS was most different. Their teaching methods are unique and unparalleled and Kiran mam & her team a phenomenon. All thanks to ECS IELTS team for earning me my well deserved 7.5 in the IELTS exam.

3) The modules were made simple by the Pattern-based Writing and Method based speaking techniques & it helped me cover a vast area in just 1 month (which was all the holidays I had). I was so frightened of IELTS but when I got the score of 7.5, I was so relieved that all my efforts and all your techniques had paid off, Thanks to all my superb and fantastic trainers.

4) I was under the impression that IELTS was easy but only after writing it twice I realised it takes a lot of effort to get 7. I made no mistake after that as I just joined ECS IELTS after reading the reviews. I found the coaching truly liberating. My heartfelt thanks to kalai Sir & Nithya mam for the 7.5 score who helped me to achieve.