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Why Canada?

Are you looking to work or settle in Canada?. Canadian Immigration is at its peak and immigration process is also faster. Canadian Permanent Resident Visa is a great opportunity for the people who are seeking for an Elite life Style and a secured future. According to the United Nations Immigration Preference, Canada is in the top of the list to migrate. And choosing the Permanent Resident Visa is the best option as it is faster and extremely effective.

Canada Immigration

If you are looking for PR Visa , then it is the right time to plan on your journey.

ECS IELTS is now working with Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant to process profiles under the guidance of well-known immigration expertise. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultantis a renowned Immigration Consultancy to provide end-to-end services regarding your immigration process.

We guide you to cross the immigration hurdles effortlessly. ECS IELTS team of experts areProfessionals in making the immigration process smoother.

Permanent Resident of Canada

There are so many immigration programs that offer Permanent Resident Visa for Canada. The immigration program list includes; i.e. The Canadian Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, etc. Moreover, most of these programs follow a point-based immigration System and so, your PR Visa depends on the points that you score based on your age, experience, qualification and language skills during the immigration process.

The Permanent Resident Visa card is a proof that you are a Permanent Resident of Canada and you can enjoy all the benefits that a Canadian Citizen has, apart from right to vote

A PR Visa allows you to:

  • Live and study or work anywhere in Canada
  • Apply for the Canadian Citizenship after 3 years into your PR Status
  • Get Healthcare benefits and other social benefits that a Canadian Citizen receives
  • Exercise the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom

A PR Visa does not allow you to:

  • Vote or run a Political Office in Canada
  • Get a Government job that requires a high-level security clearance