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Online Live Coaching For IELTS / Online Training For IELTS, TOEFL, PTE & ENGLISH

The most effective and potential way of learning IELTS is practised at ECS IELTS . One-to-one training is provided over skype for the IELTS,TOEFL & PTE Preparation.

ECS IELTS Trainers are CertTesol Certifed from Trinity College London & TEFL certified From OXFORD London.

Our best score in IELTS is Band 8.5 out of 9, TOEFL iBT Score is 106/120 & PTE score is 80/90.

ECS IELTS follows a unique system of coaching and goes all out to bring you a greater understanding of the test format and help you get your best IELTS score.

One can successfully complete the training within 30 hours without any compromise on quality.

IELTS, PTE & TOEFL at its best is practised only at ECS IELTS to ensure better understanding of the participants and help them achieve their required Band Scores effortlessly.

At each stage there will be an assessment from our tutor and you will also be asked to share your experiences, tips and opinions.

Our Online Training Hours(10 am to 11 am / 5.30 pm to 6.30pm IST).

IELTS Course Contents (   100% Success Guaranteed...)


  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking


  • Phonetics Symbols and Sounds
  • Pronunciation (British Accent)
  • Techniques of Pronunciation
  • Elimination of Mother Tongue Influence
  • Script based Listening for Sections 1 and 3
  • Lecture based Listening for Sections 2 and 4
  • Listening Test (5 to 10 test practices..)


  • Sentence Formation Rules
  • Effective Sentence Construction
  • Subject Object Tails (Complex)
  • Essay-Techniques (Task-2)
  • Points Collection Ideas
  • Graph(AT) / Letter(GT) -Techniques for Task-1
  • Essays (upto 10 essays...)
  • Graph / Letter Writing (upto 5 tasks)


  • Reading Tests (7 to 10 test practices..)
  • Skimming Drills
  • Reading Techniques
  • Question Analysis Drills
  • Sentence Recognition Drills
  • Word power Test
  • Final Reading Tests (5 to 10 Test Practices)


  • Effective Self Introduction
  • Phonetics & Pronunciation Training
  • Question Answers (General & Special Topics)
  • Effective Speaking on any given topic (Part2) Interactions


  • Daily Activity to know how to learn and best use vocabulary
  • Phrases and Idioms (for Effective Writing and Speaking)
  • Adjectives and Adverbs for efficient and easy coverage
  • Words & Collocations to show your proficiency
  • Words Pattern to strengthen your Writing and Speaking

Final Test Practices

  • Writing (upto 5 Essays and Task1)
  • Listening (5 Test practices)
  • Reading (5 Test practices)
  • Speaking (5 Test practices)

This course will help anyone

  • Taking an IELTS test
  • Applying for work or immigration services in English-speaking countries
  • Looking to improve their IELTS score
  • Applying to universities in English-speaking countries