When give the students English lessons in multimedia classroom, we should train their oral language, cultivate them communicative competence and application capability. We should not think that their English speaking base is not good, and they can’t speak English freely, and never take measures to improve students listening and speaking ability. In fact, the students talent is waiting for the teacher to dig out, most of them are very clever, as long as the teacher guide them in time, their English speaking will be improved and they will speak fluently after they practice for some time. After a lesson given to the students, the teachers should give the students some contents related to the text to study, let them read the books and answer some questions, and the teachers should also guide them to answer and retell the passage. They can also help the students to ask and answer some questions from each other. This not only train the students English speaking standards, but also help them to understand the text. What’s more, when the students are taking this activity, they will also memorize the new words which are hard for them to recite. Therefore, in English class, the teacher train the students English speaking will help to enhance them application competence, improve their English standards, and let them pass the examination smoothly. · 


Teacher should become the participator when the students are practicing speaking. When the teachers ask the students to speak English in class or after class, the teacher should attend them to speak English, which not only guide the students, but also can improve the teachers’ English oral language. Or the teachers English speaking and communicative competence will reduce, if they never practice, because the speaking standard will become worse and worse without practicing. What’ more, when the teacher participates in English speaking with the students, some of the students who fear to speak English will become bold with the teachers guiding. They will begin to open their mouth and try to speak English. The teacher participates in speaking English with the students will warm the class atmosphere, let them have the need to speak English. Gradually, the teacher will let the students have the motivation to speak English. What’s more , the teacher speak English in class or after class will set good example for the students , when they see the teacher can speak English so well, they will do they best to imitate the teacher, and make up their mind to improve their speaking, hoping that they will reach the teachers standard. So they will use the internet to help practice English speaking. As a result, their initiative in practicing speaking will be enhanced.

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