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Results of Non-native English Speech by book

1. Most of students don’t think reading English technological textbooks is easy at the beginning of this class. 2. Most of students don’t think to understand the contents of English technological CD-ROM is easy without teacher’s explanations. 3. Most students agree or have no comments to have the instructors’ explanations of common words and terminology is helpful to understand the English CD-ROM. 4. Most students agree or have no comments to read the English textbook is helpful after the instructors explain the CD-ROM. 5. Most students agree or have no comments to understand the contents of CD-ROM with short sentences is helpful. 6. Most students have no confidence in reading the technological textbook written in English after 2 months’ training in class. · 

Most of the electrical/electronic/computer engineers on the basic level hope to increase English listening, speaking, writing, and reading abilities to satisfy the needs of their jobs, but their time is limited. We suggest students put emphasis on reading vocabulary in order to make effectively use of their time. We propose to classify the vocabulary according to various professional fields to reduce students’ pressure, so students can emphasize the “hit rate” of the vocabulary. The table IV is shown the example to classify the vocabulary. In this way we can classify the vocabulary into respective professional fields by some scientific methodology. This method helps the students learn the necessary vocabulary. “Hit rate” promotion makes students’ learning more effective and interesting. Some learning CD-ROM appended to English technological textbook helps the instructors show the slides in English. Therefore, the words of slides should be as “simple” as possible. We suggest technological instructors explain common words in addition to terminology to help students understand the contents of the CD-ROM. Due to understanding the contents of the CD-ROM, students figure out the English textbooks more easily shown in Table II. This helps the students at the technological and vocational college level get used to reading information related to their fields. After graduation, they will get better jobs smoothly and take good care of their job in English easily shown in Table I. English is the language of social empowerment: as knowledge of English is a passport to a better job and, conversely, the inability to speak and write in English is a disadvantage, millions of young people spend thousands of hours trying to come to grips with the English language. Some researchers warn, though, that the majority wastes their time learning English, because they will not have the chance to use it in their future careers [6]. A questionnaire [7] is shown that in Taiwan, the salary of employee is dependent on the English abilities in most companies, but most of the employees have no time to study English to elevate their level. Classification of the vocabulary illustrated in Table I could be a pathway to help them learn English effectively to increase the value in their jobs.

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