Why choose Canada to live?

Canada is a melting pot of culture from nearly every country of the world. From the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains to the mosaic of culture in the heart of Toronto, Canada is a land built by and for immigrants. The United Nations ranked Canada as the best place to live for five consecutive years and in the top ten countries in the world since 1994, based on our quality of life, first-rate health care, excellent work conditions, outstanding educational opportunities, low crime rates, and high life expectancy. In Canada, landed immigrants have all the rights of Canadian citizens guaranteed in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. From the beautiful, laid-back and spacious environment of the Maritime Provinces to the hustle and bustle of our biggest cities everyone will find the place they belong in Canada.

Why choose Canada to work?

Canada is a land of unlimited opportunities for immigrants looking for work. In the last ten years Canada has experienced unprecedented growth, this along with our consistently low unemployment rate makes Canada a wonderful place for employment opportunities. Canada currently has various gaps in our work force; many employers are looking for immigrants to fill these gaps and help our country to grow. Immigrant workers in Canada enjoy unlimited opportunities in our friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with excellent wages and a strong focus on healthy family and work life balance.

Why choose Canada to study?

In Canada a great deal of importance is placed on education, Canadian degrees and diplomas are well-respected in business, government and academic circles around the world. Canadian students consistently rank among the best in the world in reading, science and math. Canada boasts a large selection of internationally renowned universities and colleges. There are school environments suitable for everyone, from large campuses in urban centres to small colleges in beautiful rural areas.

There are over 90 fully-accredited universities across the country and an abundance of colleges. Our schools offer programs for nearly every career you could want. Canadas universities offer 4-year undergraduate degrees in the sciences, education, healthcare, journalism, criminal justice and many others. There are also many professional and graduate programs you can choose from. Our colleges offer 1, 2 and 3 year programs in the skilled trades and many career training programs. Your children will also benefit from Canadas world-class elementary and secondary school environments consistently ranked among the best in the world.

History of Immigration in Canada

Canada is a land built by immigrants from the first explorers to reach our shores, the waves of European peoples seeking a better future for themselves and their families to the waves of Hispanic, Indian, Asian, Caribbean and Arab immigrants in the 1960s. Their triumphs and tragedies have been recorded to capture the dynamics of a country trying to tame the elements and adapt to the forces of nature. As we watch the story unfold we see a nation forming in all its beauty, passion and drama.

Canadian Provinces

The West Coast: British Columbia, Alberta

British Columbia and Alberta host the breathtaking wonder of the picture-perfect lakes, chalets, meadows and towering beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Alberta currently has quickly growing and prosperous economy and has some of the most modern research facilities available for their students. Because of this Alberta has exciting opportunities available in the fields of engineering, agriculture, medicine, telecommunications and many other emerging fields. Calgary hosts the annual Stampede and world-class museums. Edmonton is home to the West Edmonton Mall, founded by immigrants this is the largest mall in North America with over 800 stores. British Columbia has over 140,000 international students and is one of the most popular destinations for international students.

The Prairie Provinces: Saskatchewan, Manitoba

The Prairie Provinces have grown from small farming communities to vibrant cities where you can enjoy live music, experience traditional First Nations heritage and see the next generation of Royal Canadian Mounted Police training. Manitoba boasts exciting opportunities to see polar bears and beluga whales in their natural wonder. Manitoba has thriving service and manufacturing sectors as well as mining, agriculture and forestry. Saskatchewan is home to several world class universities and is an influential international player in technology, art, science and agriculture. There is currently a period of economic growth resulting in thousands of jobs available within the provinces, especially in the oil, potash and uranium industries.

The Heart of Canada: Ontario, Quebec

Ontario is home to our capital city Ottawa beloved for its free tourism resources and the government parliament buildings. Its capital, Toronto, is Canadas largest and most multicultural city. Both Quebec and Ontario main industries are services, agriculture and manufacturing specifically in the vehicle and machinery sectors. Quebec offers numerous opportunities to experience a rich French culture and Canadian history. Montreal has the largest French speaking population outside of Paris, the stunning Notre Dame Basilica, as well as a wide variety of museums and nature tours. Quebec has a highly diversified economy with work available in tourism, aerospace, transportation, health, biotechnology and hydroelectricity.

The Maritimes: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

The Maritime hosts stretches of beautiful coastline where you can visit lighthouses, experience a whale-watching cruise and visit the authentic fishing villages that are the backbone of these provinces. The vibrant local culture allows you to relax and experience the local cuisine and meet the people who earned the title of the friendliest in the world. The maritime region has long been tied to natural resources like fishing, logging, farming and mining. There is also a strong tourism, manufacturing and steel industry and a steady increase in the service industry.

The Northern Provinces: Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory

These provinces and territories offer a truly unique Canadian experience, from dog-sledding through the arctic, the centre of the Canadian diamond trade, and a hotspot for traditional folk music and shopping. Nunavut, Canadas newest province is home to the largest population of Native Inuit. The vast stores of natural resources found in this region lead the mining and forestry industries to be the staple of northern Canadas economy.

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