Postgraduate English Listening and Speaking Course have application in Postgraduate English education of unspecialized English and are created in China. Before June 2008, the education resources published with Postgraduate English Listening and Speaking Course are only tapes. Tapes are considered to be more and more outmoded in modern educational environment because of the following reasons: firstly, tapes are mostly transcribed with over-clear voices, outdate-prone contents and often result in mismatching with the lectures; secondly, in modern digital speech Lab, it’s more convenient to use multimedia courseware than tapes [1] ; thirdly, parts of lectures (such as English Songs, Movies, and Debates) can not be well offered only by audios [2]. Therefore, in the first half of 2008, we developed multimedia courseware for English listening and speaking. In the processes of making courseware there are some details should be noticed. ·   At first, pictures, texts, sounds and active images should be well organized into a whole, and all of the materials should be used in a simple and effective way in order to avoid detracting attention of students; secondly, operations of the courseware should be designed according to natural learning habit of students so as to give rise to an easy and amused teaching environment. After six-month efforts, the members of Task Force overcome negative factors of little money, heavy workload, limited time and completed software production development tasks in highquality and high-standard. The courseware has been issued with the materials for the Jilin University graduate in English teaching.

Interactive of the courseware is determined by the content form of Postgraduate English Listening and Speaking Course. Postgraduate English Listening and Speaking Course covers comprehensive fields, including philosophy, economics, literature, culture, social problems, modern technologies, environment and populations etc. Every unit of the book consists of many different educational activities, such as Famous Sayings, A Humorous Story, True and False, Spot Dictation, Conversations, Debate, An English Riddle, An English Song, An English Movie etc [3]. In every activity, sound files should be flexibly controlled, listening contents should be presented in different forms in order to achieve teaching goal of self-training, and interactive should be realized in the teaching process and self-learning. Therefore, in the interactive design of the multimedia courseware, it should be noticed that the content of multimedia courseware must always inosculate with syllabus on one hand, and making appropriately complements to text book would be helpful to enrich students’ knowledge on the other hand. It also should be mentioned that the hierarchy of multimedia courseware must be well organized in order to manifest the curriculum structure accurately, so as to make it more useful to both teachers and students [4]. INTERACTIVE REALIZATION OF A HUMOROUS STORY Postgraduate English Listening and Speaking Course is a humorous story. The following Design of Teaching Goal should be achieved in Teachers’ Teaching and students’ self-studyThe top region includes buttons of DIRECTIONS, TAPESCRIPT, ANSWERS, HELP. The middle region involves the issues of the humorous story and blank area for the inputting answer region. The below areas has BACK button , buttons of Play, Pause, Stop and the location slider which control audio file. • The user can play, pause or stop audio files and control the playing location of the content in any time in order to be convenient to Teachers’ Teaching. • DIRECTIONS button does not work while the audio file of the humorous story is playing. The reason is that the corresponding content of DIRECTIONS button is also a audio file of the activity request and playing two audio files will affect the teaching and learning at the same time. • ANSWERS button does not work, while the audio file of the humorous story is playing, so as not to affect the thinking of teachers and students. • TAPESCRIPT button can be clicked in any time in order to facilitate reading of the original content, help students ruminate over each word and every sentence, improve listening comprehension, and conducive to teachers’ teaching. • Answer the questions while listening so as to analysis the reasons of correct answer and wrong answer.

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