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ECS German Language Program A1 to B1

We don’t just teach German, our teaching model works for all levels and for any Certifications. Our syllabus is based on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERN). Our multiple and flexible batches cater to the needs of students, professionals,and anyone else with a passion for learning a new language.

Why Choose ECS Academy for German Classes:

  • German Syllabus at ECS is globally recognized syllabus based on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERN).
  • Professional German Trainers with Many Years of Experience.
  • German Certification Support at Goethe.
  • Smaller Batches enabling us to provide personal attention.

Who Can Learn This?

This program is for anyone who is preparing for a B1 German language exam. This course focusses on the TELC and Goethe exam style but would also work for DTZ and ÖSD exams.

There are six levels in mastering German:

  • LEVEL:1 German A1 Certification
  • LEVEL:2 German A2 Certification
  • LEVEL:3 German B1 Certification
  • LEVEL:4 German B2 Certification
  • LEVEL:5 German C1 Certification
  • LEVEL:6 German C2 Certification

German A1 to B1

In this course you will learn

A1 – Beginners

  • Understand what you hear in everyday situations
  • Obtain relevant information from short written messages, public notices and classified advertisements
  • State and understand figures, quantities, times and prices
  • Fill in personal details and basic information on forms
  • Write brief personal messages
  • Introduce yourself in a conversation and answer simple personal questions
  • Formulate and respond to common everyday queries and requests

A2 – Elementary Level

  • Understand the main content of everyday conversations as well as brief announcements or phone messages
  • Obtain the most important information from short newspaper articles, advertisements and notice boards
  • Fill in ordinary forms in shops or at banks or government offices
  • Write messages about your immediate situation
  • Introduce yourself and exchange personal details in a conversation
  • Ask and answer questions in conversations about everyday topics
  • Agree on something or make arrangements in everyday conversation

B1 – Independent Usage Level

  • Understand key points of information about work, school and leisure when standard language is being used
  • Handle most situations that one would encounter when traveling in German-speaking countries
  • Express oneself simply and coherently on familiar topics and areas of personal interest
  • Talk about experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and goals, and provide brief explanations and statements of purpose